Saturday, July 27, 2013

Beauty On a Budget DIY

There are tons of expensive beauty treatments and products out there that will cost you a fortune. But, if you don't have the biggest budget in the world there are many things you can do that will benefit your skin, health and beauty. Here are some tips for beauty on a budget :

* You can use plain Milk as an exfoliant. Milk is used in many expensive products because it contains Lactic Acid which works as an exfoliant. The proteins in milk also have a calming effect on red skin ( think, freshly waxed eyebrows). Dab it on your skin with a clean cloth or a cotton round to apply to the areas that you want to remedy. 

* When applying any kind of moisturizer to your face, especially first thing in the morning, it is great to massage your face in an upward motion to move the fluids in your face. Use your ring finger around your eyes as this finger applies the least amount of pressure out of all of your fingers. Never tug the area of skin around your eye. It is the most sensitive skin on your body.

* Make an amazing exfoliant out of brown sugar (or white sugar,brown is just less processed) and olive oil equal parts until it forms a paste like consistency. This can be used on your entire face. A lot of people believe that olive oil will clog your pores and cause breakouts but it won't. The molecules in olive oil are too large to clog our pores. Use it in your exfoliant to keep your skin soft and healthy.

*Use the above scrub (brown sugar and olive oil paste) on your lips. Use a clean soft toothbrush and apply the mixture to your lips. Gently go over your lips with the toothbrush. Be sure not to be too rough as you can rip the skin on your lips easily. Just use enough pressure to gently remove any dry patches or just to make your lips smoother. 

*Pineapple and Papaya both contain the Papain enzyme found in many expensive face "peels". You can actually take a piece of pineapple or papaya and apply it directly to your face by rubbing the flesh of the fruit on your face. Let it stay on for about ten minutes and you will have noticeably smoother, brighter skin.

*If you have bananas that are on the brown side and your not in the mood to eat them you can mash it and apply it to your face. Your skin will drink up the nutrients and it will absorb oil in your t-zone without being too harsh. 

*If you need instant hydration nothing is better than sleeping overnight with a humidifier on. If you have one. I definitely say, put it to use if you have dry skin.

*Crushed up aspirin and water made into a paste and applied to your face will keep acne at bay. 

*Drink water infused with cucumber for a flatter stomach. It reduces bloating and it tastes just like the water they would give you at a high end spa ! Actually, since I worked in a few, I can tell you that it was never anything special other than filtered or bottled water with cucumbers that was allowed to sit overnight and served to guests the next day. Delicious and refreshing and it has its benefits !

* Use hair conditioner as shaving cream. 

* To prevent ingrown hairs at home there is an all natural DIY that is simple and effective : 
1 cup sugar
Juice of half of a lemon 
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
Combine all of the ingredients and microwave for 15 seconds ( until warm) let sit for a little and scoop it with a spoon and apply it to your wrist to test temperature. If comfortable apply it to the areas where you experience ingrown hairs. Let this sit for about 20 mins on the area(s).

*For baby soft hands apply a thick lotion over your hands and put 2 clean socks on each hand before bed. When you wake up your hands will be as smooth as silk ! 

*Add baking soda to your normal shampoo and it will act as a clarifying shampoo, picking up build-up from hair products and whatever else may be making your hair lose its luster.

*Never toss the last drop of hair conditioner. Add a small amount of water and shake the bottle. Pour the contents into a spray bottle and use this as a deep conditioner. Apply after you've washed your hair and use it as you would a leave in conditioner ! No sense in wasting it !

*If your hair has changed color from chlorine water from a pool. Don't run to your hairdresser. This is a tip I recently found out. Crush up 15 aspirin tablets or buy aspirin in powder form and mix it with water. Put it in your hair with a spray bottle or directly onto your hair. Leave it in your hair for about 20 mins. This should get your hair back to its normal color and luster.

Hope these tips helped ! Let me know if you try any ! 

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