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J'ai of Beverly Hills Skincare review

I was lucky enough to receive products from the wonderful company J'ai of Beverly Hills. I am so impressed with everything I received ! If you follow my blog you know that I suffer from occasional adult cystic acne, but, at the same time, I am not getting any younger and I am always happy to incorporate anti-aging products into my regimen. They sent me the exact products that would fit my skin type. Which, I feel shows that they have great customer service.

I received :

J'ai Of Beverly Hills Gentle Cleanser : 

The creamy, rich lather contains soothing Chamomile, Green Tea Extract and such skin brighteners as Licorice, Bearberry and Plum Extract. It's Dual Action provides soothing relief while fighting the signs of aging. It encourages brighter, smoother more refined skin. Most effective for low energy, dry or dehydrated skin and evenly balanced normal to combination skin.

My impression on J'ai Of Beverly Hills Gentle Cleanser :

I really feel like my skin looks more even and I feel like my skin has become moist and supple on my face. It is a gentle cleanser but it had no trouble removing my eye makeup. I like to use gentle cleansers on my face. And twice a week use a face wash with benzoyl  peroxide or salicylic acid to keep my acne at bay. This face wash makes your skin feel extremely clean without giving you that tight feeling on your face.

J'ai of Beverly Hills Balancing scrub :

Precision diamond crystals gently remove dead skin cells to stimulate faster collagen production, remove sun spots, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, reduce acne scarring, and help correct uneven skin tone. Scrubs that sell for twice the price don't do half the work of this scrub, making it a top-seller in my studio and a product that many clients won't be without. For all skin types. Paraben Free.

My impression on J'ai Of Beverly Hills Balancing Scrub :

I love the fact that it is paraben free ! I have also noticed it is helping my acne scars fade away. Which is a miracle. It stimulates the collagen in your skin and you can tell it actually does that. Because, right after using this mask my skin had an incredible glow. It is also not a grainy scrub, which is a major plus. Grainy scrubs actually leave little tears in your skin and it is always better to use a more gentle scrub on your face. Your face is delicate and needs to be taken care of. And, I feel like this is the perfect scrub.

J'ai of Beverly Hills Correction Pads : 

These pads are essential for anyone with acne or out of balance skin. Great for travel, after gym workouts - eliminating bacterial build up on the skin. Also ideal for adolescents and adults with occasional break outs.

My impression on J'ai Of Beverly Hills Correction Pads :

This was my favorite product that was sent to me. They are great for getting deep down in your pores to keep your skin clear. Not to mention the salicylic acid in this product really helped me out with breakouts.

J'ai of Beverly Hills Oxygen Cream :

A cutting edge scientific skin renewal cream that allows you to topologically feed your skin for increased collagen and elastin formation for healthier and younger looking skin. Oxygen Plasma mimics the bloods ability to carry oxygen and biologically active substances into the cells. MSM acts to block undesirable chemical and physical cross-linking or bonding of collagen which is associated with tough, aging skin. Consequently, sufficient MSM enhances tissue pliability and encourages the repair of damaged skin. For low energy, dry or dehydrated skin and evenly balanced normal to combination skin or can be used as a booster product. 

My impression on J'ai Of Beverly Hills Oxygen Cream :

Great moisturizer, some people with oily or acne prone skin stay away from lotion. That actually makes the problem worse because you dry your skin out with all the acne or oil control products, which causes you oil glands to produce more oil. Thus, more oil and bacteria will be produced. So, I think this is a versatile cream it helps diminish fine lines and it actually keep my oily skin at bay.

Below is an excerpt from

Skincare and makeup artist J’ai Lone is known as the best in the business by celebrities from the world of television, film, politics, high fashion, and high society. This reputation is built on more than 30 years of experience and an unerring eye for what will bring out the absolute best in her clients, rather than merely what’s hot and trendy at the moment.

J’ai has honed her skills in some of the most fashion-conscious markets in North America, starting with Toronto, where she was born and raised and began her career, then moving onto New York, Palm Beach, and Chicago. J’ai then moved to trend-setting Jose Eber Atilier in Beverly Hills, the salon of choice for Hollywood’s most celebrated stars. Soon after, J’ai launched her by-appointment-only studio, and has never looked back.

In addition to giving her clients the best in skincare and makeup in her Beverly Hills studio, J’ai has launched a new product line that reflects her signature philosophy based on the skin’s energy. Her work has been seen and featured in numerous publications including  New York Times Magazine, New Beauty, Allure, Elle Bazaar, Glamour, Instyle, Self, and Towne & Country.

Jais philosophy of skincare :

I believe that balance is the secret to good health in mind, body and spirit. When our skin is out of balance there is a change in the body’s energy level. In my practice of more than 30 years as an aesthetician and makeup artist, I see and treat over-active skin that has too much energy (heat) causing breakouts; under-active skin in which energy levels have slowed down making the skin drier than normal and, of course, skin that is in perfect harmony. There are many factors that affect energy levels such as hormonal imbalances through the month, menopause, stress, diet, travel and exercise. Like you, my clients strive for balance in their lives but the demands of work, family and personal needs can get in the way. I have designed and formulated a skincare line that combines extremely effective cosmeceutical products with natural and aromatherapy products to create a unique blend of science and luxury. My line addresses the skincare issues I see everyday in my studio for oily, acneic, dry, sensitive and normal skin types. I provide my clients with a daily skincare program and suggest booster products when they are experiencing breakouts or other skin irritations that can occur during the month.  It is my passion to educate my clients on how best to take care of their skin throughout the month so they will have perfectly balanced and energized skin. With the right products and knowledge you can bring your facialist home with you. The right makeup products and application provide a wonderful complement to well cared for skin. For everyday wear, I recommend applying makeup with a light touch to enhance your natural beauty. The products I have chosen to share with you are the same products I use in my studio.  Pink Magic, the perfect translucent blushing powder, my powderliners in chocolate and coal and liptoxyl glosses  are a few of my favorites that help create the perfect palette for natural gorgeous makeup.

Above was taken from the J'ai of Beverly Hills website, which can be found  HERE

Overall, I am thrilled with the results that I achieved while using J'ai of Beverly Hills skin care line.

It really helped balance my acne prone skin out and also gives me the option to fight wrinkles, while I am still in the phase were I get adult acne.

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I feel as though this line has something for every skin type. I highly recommend checking them out ! 

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