Saturday, August 10, 2013

Couture Gel Nail Review

I was super lucky to have received Couture Gel Nail Kit. I like doing my nails at home. But, I HATE the dry time. I was getting gel manicures at the nail salon. But, I hate the inconvenience of having to sacrifice my time and head to the nail salon. To me nails are not exactly a luxury. A massage, that is luxury. My nails, not so much   ! I do them myself most of the time.  I was on a kick of getting gel manicures, but I definitely think that having the ability to do it at home is amazing ! Not saying, I am totally going to ditch a mani-pedi session. But, I will definitely not go on a "Kick" of gel manis again !

It is very simple to do. Clean up your cuticles and file your nails. 

Use cleanser to clean your nails of any oils 

Apply a very thin layer of nail polish. I went with the color "Chic"

They sent me 5 colors 

From right to left :
 Come On Barbie !

Pretty Little Liar

Little Diva


Sweet Cheeks

I applied a base coat, from the kit, put my nails under the LED light

1 coat of nail polish and put my hands under the LED light to dry for 60 seconds.

1 more coat and back under the light they went. 

Top coat and a final drying time of 90 seconds under the LED light.

While, I will admit the steps are tedious. It is WAY more convenient than conventional nail polish. Waiting for it to dry and PRAYING for my nails not to come in contact with anything for about an hour. I usually save doing my nails for a Sunday night, while I watch the Kardashian's to be quite honest !! LOL, but I felt it would be an easy thing to slip into my friday night. And it was !

This has totally changed my idea of painting my nails. 

It didn't feel like a chore and my nail look great ! 

They held up well and I cannot be happier !  

The great thing about Couture Gel Nails is that the kit uses a LED light instead of a U.V. light which is usually used in nail salons. U.V manicures have been linked to higher chance of skin cancer. LED lights are not emitting U.V rays onto your nail beds and hand. 

It is definitely a GREAT thing to be able to bring a piece of the nail salon home with you !

I am obsessed. I know you will be too ! 

Check them out here :

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