Monday, August 26, 2013

Dial A Smile - Whitening Lightning

With my 26th birthday quickly approaching, I have been doing some things to make myself feel younger. And, as an esthetician I know that your smile can do great things for you. But, it can also age you ! I drink espresso 1-2 times a day. Add that up since I was 18, that is a whole lot of coffee. Yes, I go for dental cleanings, but I have never done anything as far as getting a professional whitening done in office. I kept seeing youtube videos for Dial A Smile Whitening Lightning and, like a lot of others I was skeptical. But, I also wanted change ! (I'm OVER a quarter of a century old, lol).

So, I purchased Dial A Smile Whitening Lightning Kit. I will give you a play by play.

Here is what you will receive when you order the kit :

Here are my teeth unedited and in their espresso stained glory :

I wasn't quite a 6 but I wouldn't say I was a 5 either. I will classify my teeth as 5.5 lol

This is what the Kit Contains :

Kit Contents :

* 1 Paper Shade dial ( to determine your tooth color on a scale from 1-16)

* Applicator Brush (to evenly coat your teeth and not get gel on your gums, GENIUS)

* 3 Vitamin E Swabs (Apply Vitamin E to your gums, to further protect them, again, GENIUS)

* 1 Dispensing tub (To dispense the gel, in a neat contained way)

* 1 handheld LED light ( Accelerates the teeth whitening process )

* 1 Gel syringe (contains enough gel for 3 treatments ! )

* 3 Teeth Wipes (to dry your teeth before applying everything, so you achieve the best results)

First step is to remove a small plastic piece in the LED light battery cover. Side note* make sure LED light is prepped before you start the whitening process, just so you know you won't be wasting any time and can get the LED light on as soon as you have followed the rest of the steps.

Check out what color your teeth are on the paper shade dial. (mine were a 5, I say 5.5, lol)

Take off the seal on the syringe and squirt about 1.5 ml of gel into the dispensing tub. Apply cover back onto the syringe and bring the syringe to your refrigerator. ( If you have children, keep it well out of their reach ) See below :

Take the blue side of the teeth wipes to dry your teeth. This will produce a nice cooling feeling on your teeth ! Make sure you are using the proper side of the wipe, it will be the Blue side as seen below :

Now, it is time to break open the Vitamin E swab ! Break the marked end of the swab and use the opposite side to apply to your gums. The flow of vitamin E will begin once you flip over the swab and apply it to your gums (the opposite end of the marked side, should be what is touching your gums). Take your time on this part coat your gums and inside of your lips but make sure not to get any on your teeth. Below is what the swab looks like :

Now, take the brush and dip it into the dispensing tub that is filled with the 1.5 ML of teeth whitening gel. Take your time and almost apply it to each and every tooth individually. Smile wide so the gel doesn't come in contact with your lips. 

Now turn the LED light on and keep it no more than 1-2 inches from your mouth. I have a plastic guard for my teeth which I placed in my mouth and placed the LED light over that.  It made things a lot easier as I did my normal tasks for the twenty minutes you will need to leave this on your teeth.
If your teeth feel very sensitive obviously go by what you can handle and use your own discretion. I had no problems with the twenty minute time period. But, you may be different, so use care when using this product.

I was super happy with my before and after ! 


I went from a 5.5 to a 2 ! 

3 shades lighter and such a big difference in person ! 

Before- Left
After- Right

It is safe to say that I will repurchase this again. I like that there are no trays and I can still do things while using this product. Just make sure to keep track of time, I don't think it would be good to go over the recommended twenty minutes.

This took years off of my smile and I didn't have to get anything done in office. I am officially hooked !

The kit is valued at $675 

Use coupon code LAUREN you can get the Dial A Smile Kit and Pen Combo for only $80.00 ! 

The kit and pen combo is more than what is showed here. You will also get the super booster pen (to apply to your teeth between treatments)  to keep up with your newly whitened smile ! 

Check them out :

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