Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gloss Moderne Review

I was so incredibly lucky to receive astounding hair products from A luxurious hair care line called : Gloss Moderne.

Let me tell you a bit about the company and why I LOVE their products so much :

Gloss Moderne is a Luxury Hair Care Line. It is sulfate-free, sodium-chloride free, and paraben-free. It is all of that without compromising on quality ! I am a all about finding products that are healthy to be applying to my skin and hair. But, sometimes when companies take an ingredient out of a product. The product itself is somehow affected. That is not the case with Gloss Moderne at all ! It is pure greatness in hair-care form. It also protects color from fading ! 

I was so happy that the shampoo actually gave me a nice foamy,rich lather. Some paraben-free shampoos lack lather, which with my thick hair, I can not have happen. The shampoo went the extra mile. It made my hair feel squeaky clean. I couldn't say a bad thing about anything from this line ! 


The conditioner really felt like it quenched the thirst of my parched hair. I have highlights in my hair, which means my hair can get super dry. I let the conditioner sit in my hair and when I blow dried my hair after using the shampoo and conditioner in conjunction, my hair looked fabulous ! 


The Hair Masque was amazing. Far beyond my expectations ! Usually hair masks can weigh my hair down a lot. The Gloss Moderne Hair Masque was a different consistency than I expected, but in a good way. The consistency was almost sticky, when you apply it to your hair you can actually feel it sinking into your hair. I waited a while before I washed my hair masque out because I really wanted to reap the benefits of it. So, it was Gloss Moderne Shampoo then I applied the Gloss Moderne Hair Masque and left it on for about 15 minutes. When I rinsed it out, I could feel the difference in my hair. It felt softer and more sleek. I used a microfiber towel to dry it as much as possible and then I blow dried it and I was thrilled with the results. See pic below for what my hair looked like after ! 

Hair Masques

I love the way it conditioned the parts of my hair that are bleached !

My hair definitely doesn't look this good everyday. It was with the exceptional hair products that I received these great results  !

I really stand behind the brand for their commitment to keep their products as natural as possible. You may not realize that the chemicals we put on our body via our skin, scalp etc. is absorbed by our bodies. If you put harsh chemicals on your body, it is absorbing them into your blood stream. I try my best to use products that are natural. And, with Gloss Moderne , you get a natural product with amazing quality! They truly impressed me with their products !

Not to mention the smell of the shampoo and conditioner smell AMAZING ! So good that my husband couldn't stop smelling my hair and then he got out of the shower one day and I smelled the shampoo on him. He loved the way it smelled so much that he had to use it too !

Check out Gloss Moderne HERE

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  1. Great post! I will defs check this out! Always looking for great hair care products :D

    Lorraine x