Monday, September 23, 2013

Masqueology - Worth The Splurge

In a world filled with high-cost beauty products. I can say I have test my fair share of high end products. Some are worth it while others, simply aren't. One beauty products splurge that is so worth the splurge is Masqueology.

It is not alarmingly pricy, but it is not on the low end of the spectrum. At $24.00 for three masks. I would not lead you in the wrong direction. I went to Sephora, looking for a new mask. I found masqueology. I purchased the Pore Minimizing mask. What sets masqueology apart from regular face masks is that all of the ingredients are on a saturated cloth with cut-outs for your nose, eyes and mouth. 

I laid down for the last two nights after a long day with one on for 30 mins and I looked at my skin and my face really was radiant. My pores looked minimized and it actually made me look like I SLEPT. So, these masks are basically magic ! 

Next on my list I would like to try the anti-blemish one. My skin is acne prone even though I am in my late twenties. So, I am working on minimizing aging and acne at the same time !

I HIGHLY recommend masqueology !! 

Find them at your local Sephora or click HERE

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  1. I have been looking to try these for ages! Seen Bubzbeauty try them and heard lots of great things about them! Great post!

    Lorraine x