Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Splurge Vs. Steal

In the world of fashion, many designers are either inspired by other's work, or they simply are copying someone else's work. It is the nature of the beast. Just like if I see a girl with a great outfit on, I will try to recreate it on my own. Using pieces from my closet and making it my own unique style, but with that said, the idea originated from someones else's outfit. 

I am not saying this is a bad thing. There is inspiration, in so many things, that surround us. 

It also comes in handy when one designer will tweak another designer's piece and make it their own. 

In this case I am bringing you: SPLURGE vs. STEAL vs. MAJOR STEAL :

I am not saying these shoes are identical. But they are based off of the same idea, which I don't mind ;)

Exhibit A : Splurge

Isabel Marant Tacy Pony Booties

Exhibit B - Steal 

Sam Edelman - Kendrix


Exhibit C- Major Steal 

Sam & Libby Kaye Buckle Boots


Now, as I said, these are not identical by any means. But, they are similar in concept and can give you a great look for a fraction of the cost. Or, of course, I wouldn't judge if you splurged ! 

Which one is your favorite?

Comment below and let me know ! 

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  1. Lauren, Great post!! It's funny because I actually think the two steals are nicer. I prefer the Kendrix because they are a little higher on the shaft and could tuck leggings into them. Pants are always so long on me and wind up hanging over the top of the shoe/bootie and I do not like that look so much...Also since they seem to have a hidden platform I think they will be more comfortable to go all night in! Thanks love! =)