Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Beauty Holiday Wish List

Do you have a beauty lover that you have to buy presents for? Someone who comes home from Sephora with 16 swatches of eyeshadow up her arm? Or is always on the hunt for the best drugstore mascara? Don't know exactly what to get her/him? No worries, I have made a list of great things any beauty product lover would fancy! In every budget!

1)Sephora Gift Card - Hint* if this is a last minute gift, you can print out a Sephora gift card online. For makeup lovers this is liquid gold. This works for any budget and as always it is the thought that counts!

2) Vanity Girl Mirror  - This may be more for the girl who has everything you could think of when it comes to makeup, but without proper lighting they can be missing out on a lot! These mirrors are amazing and yes, you have seen them on Keeping Up With The Kardahsians - These are on the higher end of the budget starting at $299.00 and up. But, your makeup crazy friend or lover will be thrilled to get this! It is equivalent to playstation 4 or Super Bowl Sunday - in male terminology, if that helps.

3) Beauty Blender - This is a must have as far as I am concerned. If the person you're shopping for hasn't tried it they will be happy you purchased it for them and if they have tried it they will be SOOOO happy to have a backup (in case of the apocalypse, you need 50 backups of the beauty blender, it is just that good) The beauty blender provides flawless foundation application and can really take your makeup from ordinary to airbrushed (looking) take my word for it, don't fall for dupes of the beauty blender, it is already affordable and the dupes are not much cheaper! Get the beauty blender for $19.95 HERE

4) Sedona Lace Brush Set : Every makeup addict loves a new brush set. I have the Sedona Lace Brush set in pink and it is amazing! The whole set is only $69.95 and gives you the essential tools to create a perfect makeup look. Get it HERE

5) Inlgot Under Makeup Base - The secret to a flawless face is a great canvas to work on. Get one step closer to perfection with the amazing Inglot Under Makeup Base - it provides a barrier between your skin and your makeup. It absorbs excess oils in the skin and makes your skin look fabulous (even if it is far from that) a makeup lovers delight! And, coming in at $19.00 it is super budget friendly and sure to leave your gift receiver with a huge smile on their face!  You can get Inglot Under Makeup Base HERE

Happy Holidays! 

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