Monday, January 6, 2014

Eyelash Extensions

I am blessed to have thick eyelashes! However, they are pin straight and I have to curl them like crazy and load on mascara. I was always skeptical on getting eyelash extensions! I always thought mine wouldn't last or they would make my real lashes fall out.

On Instagram, I was so lucky to come across Ana, who is local here in Miami. I went to meet her at Salon Vaso on 1500 Alton Road in South Beach Miami (Website HERE).

She also works in Aventura Florida at Aventura Laser & Electrolysis Spa Website HERE

I went over everything with her. She is very clean and sanitary and as an esthetician, I know exactly what to look for. Everything was neat and clean and felt sterile, which I LOVE!

She also has her own website for eyebrow makeup HERE

She threaded my eyebrows, which were so unruly because I let them grow out because I knew Ana had a plan to shape them properly. And, I have to say my eyebrows have never looked as good as they do since Ana has threaded them. Another positive is I barely felt any kind of pain when she threaded my eyebrows. I have had bad experiences with it before. But Ana made the process much easier on me! (THANK GOODNESS!)

No Makeup No threading 

You can see how grown out my eyebrows were if you look at the left eyebrow 
Also, you can see that my lashes are stick straight.

She also did a set of Lash Extensions on me. It was painless and everything that she did was sanitary and maintained a high level of standard considering as far as everything goes for lashes!

They looked incredible! She did such a wonderful job. I went to New York to visit my family and sell jewelry from my own jewelry line HERE  and everyone complimented my eyes! It was not only the eyelash extensions that looked AMAZING but she really shaped my eyebrows perfectly!

I also fill in my eyebrows now with her brand that she created called Browlash -- I am in love with the products from her line. Especially, her brow trio palette! It has a darker shade for brunettes and a lighter shades for blonde and a wax to make it all waterproof and it includes an angled brush. I mix all 3 and customize my color. It is truly great for a girl on the go and is amazing for your morning or night routine!

Find the Brow Trio Powder HERE

If you are in the Miami or Avenutra area, I highly suggest giving Ana a visit at either one of her locations! She has made my eyebrows and lashes so beautiful! 

Here are some after photos -- I didn't take many up close photos because right after this I took a red-eye into New York. But, I enjoyed my lashes for about 3 weeks and my eyebrows definitely need to see Ana again! 

After -- Freshly threaded eyebrows and lash extensions

The shape of my brow was defined with the Brow Trio Powder. Ana Shaped my eyebrows in a way that  completely lifted my eye shape. Then, we have my eyelash extensions and it gives you such a refreshed and awakened look! 

I adore the way she did my eyebrows and lashes! I have no mascara on in this photo. My brows are filled in with Browlash Trio Powder and I have NO MAKEUP other than lipstick on. 

Ana & I

She is such a kind person as well! And her eyebrows speak for themselves!

I HIGHLY recommend giving Ana a visit!

If you're local or even if you're on vacation for a pick me up!

If you do go to her mention my blog!!

Enjoy Loves!!

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