Friday, February 28, 2014

Save Money and Save Makeup -- Useful tips for makeup lovers and beauty addicts.

It goes without saying that when you invest in any makeup, no matter what the price is, you want it to last. I know I always try to get the most from my makeup. That is why I now store it in my drawer of my vanity, keeping it away from as many germs as possible. I used to keep them in a acrylic case. I feel that look has become a bit dated. I still love it, but from moving from a house to a condo, I definitely don't need excess things hanging around. So, everything is neatly tucked away in a drawer. I do this for another reason, light can oxidize things. I don't want my foundation to oxidize. 

As a woman who wears makeup all of the time, I think anything we can do to prolong the use of our makeup is good for our wallets and good for our skin. For reference, you shouldn't keep makeup too long as it can harbor bacteria. And, that is one thing you need to be conscious of. Mascara gets tossed every 3 months. I get my mascara at the drugstore, so that doesn't bother me much. Check out the Mascara I swear by and is only $6.99  HERE

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In addition to this, I clean my brushes weekly to keep everything sanitary. I wipe the outside of my makeup bottles and palettes with alcohol wipes. I keep natural hand sanitizer in my makeup drawer and clean my hands as I apply makeup. I also use a great product I was sent, called Every Drop Beauty find it HERE

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It is important to make your makeup last. And, I am always researching ways to do so, check out this article I found on the HSN community blog about Saving money and Makeup HERE

Also, you should definitely take a peek at HSN new beauty section. They have updated the layout and everything is fresh and modern looking. This isn't your mommas HSN anymore. It is a great place to obtain great values and amazing beauty products:

Please check out their Spring Beauty Must Haves HERE

And their revamped beauty page equipped with everything from  bejeweled brushes to foundation, nail polish and more  HERE

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