Saturday, February 21, 2015

Aleavia Skin Care Review

I have been on a quest to find quality skin and body care products that were organic. Most body washes that were organic were leaving my skin flaky and dry. I was basically looking for something to take the place of my Dove body wash since it contains a moisturizer. It never left my skin dry. I could get away with not moisturizing on the days I was in a rush and I wouldn't have to worry about my skin flaking or feeling dry. However, I didn't know how toxic and hazardous the ingredients were. In fact, I didn't know how hazardous 99% of the products I used on my body were!

The toxins in your products are waiting to attach themselves to your body and make their way in. Your body absorbs 60 percent of what you put onto it. And, if you really think of it, it is just as important to watch out for the things we put onto our bodies. After all, the food we put into our body is designed to be filtered through the liver. The skin has no filter. All of the toxic ingredients applied to your skin are absorbed directly into your bloodstream. If that doesn't make you want to change what you put on your skin, I don't know what will!

With all of that said, I am now looking for replacements for all of the products I have decided to ditch. And, it is not easy. I will be blogging about organic products that actually live up to their claims.

Aleavia skin care has been an amazing find. I have finally found a replacement for my Dove body wash! I am going to review a few of their products in this post because they have all been so amazing. But, I want to address what sets Aleavia apart from the rest.

Aleavia is a skin care line that contains prebiotics. Most of us know by now, that friendly or healthy bacteria are extremely crucial to our health and our digestive system. For example, when we take antibiotics if we are sick, it is very important to take probiotics to replenish the good bacteria that is lost when taking antibiotics. Since, all bacteria is killed, we lose good bacteria as well. Which can lead to an unhealthy gut. A healthy gut means a healthy you. What you may not know is, our skin functions in a very similar way. With more than one thousand strains of bacteria, it needs the exact same kind of support in order to stay healthy and in turn, keep you healthy. Our skin is our largest organ. It is what protects us from toxins and microbes. It is also responsible for regulating our body temperature and a lot of other important functions that play a gigantic role in our health. So, it is definitely not wise to neglect your skin.

Since all Aleavia products contain prebiotics they are a great source for your skin to obtain friendly bacteria. The increase in the healthy bacteria causes the bad bacteria to diminish allowing only the good bacteria to multiply on your skin. This helps solve many skin issues such as: eczema, acne, psoriasis and dry, flaky skin. It also slows the aging process of our skin.

Aleavia is the only organic, prebiotic plant based skin care on the market. It is Ecofriendly, non toxic and GMO and Paraben free. It contains 6 ingredients that can truly change your skin!


My first thoughts on this were, wow, it actually smells delicious without being overpowering! I don't like an overpowering scent. But, I do like to have a fresh clean scent when I am done showering. This leaves the perfect amount of scent on your body after getting out of the shower.

Since it contains coconut oil it really helps keep my skin moisturized and I am confident if I am in a rush, I could hop out of the shower without needing to apply lotion. Since, it does leave my skin feeling really smooth after I shower.

The minimal amount of ingredients and the prebiotics keep my skin healthy. Which also keeps my body healthy.  I highly recommend this body wash to anyone looking to switch to an organic body wash!

Also, this product can double as a shampoo. I have never used it in that way but I hear it really works wonders for anyone with scalp or hair issues. I just happen to love my organic shampoo that I use religiously. But, if you suffer from a dry scalp I think this would be an amazing product to try.


I really like the way this removed my makeup! I was very surprised. It doesn't have the most abundant amount of lather. But, I have learned that the lather we get from traditional products is from a slew of unhealthy ingredients. I can live without the lather in my face wash. Especially, since this does the exact same job as removing my makeup as most other lathering face washes I have tried. 

Also, my husband is trying it out on his skin. He is already seeing results. He suffered from what is commonly referred to as "Quit Zits" when he stopped smoking. Which is caused by your body expelling all of the toxic chemicals in cigarettes. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that he quit smoking! And now, he has a great skin care regimen going with Aleavia. I think his skin will go back to normal judging by the results he has seen so far. I will save his skin care journey for another post. But, Aleavia is definitely improving his skin! 

I just gave birth 3 months ago and my skin has been EXTREMELY sensitive and dry in some spots on my face. Likely caused by hormones. I have used this every morning and night after the Aleavia face wash and I really notice a difference in the texture of my skin. I still have some dry spots but they are MUCH better. It has really seemed to balance out my skin which is something I have been looking to do for a very long time. 

This product has a brown tint to it. Which does not rub off on anything. I just know I was surprised at first to see it. The reason it is brown is due to kelp. Kelp is a major source of iodine, which explains the brown tint. Kelp aides in moisturization and also provides anti-acne properties. So, don't be alarmed by the brown tint. Embrace it!

This is a line that I will continue to purchase. It has so many benefits and works so well with my skin. I recommend it to anyone looking to improve the health of their skin and body. I am definitely a customer for life. 

The power of prebiotics:

Above photo is Amanda. She had a radiator cap explode in her face. After 3 months of using Aleavia's Body Wash and Restore Topical Spray 3 times daily, she shows ZERO signs of scarring! I think this is remarkable. It truly shows the power of prebiotics.

You can check out their Instagram HERE

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Let me know if you try Aleavia out. I look forward to your feedback on it! 


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