Friday, January 29, 2016

Angel Baby Toddler Pillowcase

I just got my daughter her very first "big girl" pillow. It is organic and I got it on amazon for 25 bucks!

It has 5 star reviews and is not treated with chemicals that traditional pillows are treated with.

I was sent a really cute toddler pillowcase which came in handy since I just purchased her a pillow!

It is a damask stripe pink pillow case. It is truly adorable and I am thinking of purchasing it in ivory since that will match the pillows in my room better.

Overall, the pillowcase washes well and I even throw it in the dryer and it didn't shrink,which is a plus. No signs of pilling and I didn't wash it separate and the material is really soft and comfortable for Juliana's naps. Great to take with you in the car or anywhere your child may want to take a little piece of "home" with them.

They have a variety of colors and I will definitely be purchasing another.

You can get them HERE

Colors to choose from


I get pretty much everything I own on amazon! I love their return policy. I recently ordered a Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp and it had a missing piece. I did try to rectify it directly with the company with no results. However, amazon stepped in and is sending a new one and all I have to do is ship back the broken one. You can not beat the customer service amazon provides. I will always be loyal to them for this reason! 


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