Saturday, February 20, 2016

Essential Oil For Beginners


I have really fallen in love with essential oils!!

 (No, I don't sell them,lol)

I have been using awesome essential oils in my room and my daughters room. They have actually helped me relax. I shut my bedroom door, so the only time I smell the relaxing smell is when I enter my bedroom. Same for my daughter. 

It does sort of turn a switch on in your head that makes you associate that smell with sleeping. I really see an improvement in my own ability to relax. Which, if you know me, is nearly impossible!!! So, this speaks volumes!

I never really knew much about them. I have read a few books and talked to a few friends that swear by them. I was definitely highly skeptical at first. But, my husband loves them too and he initially thought the idea was unrealistic. He is FAR MORE of a skeptic than I. So, there's that.

The essential oil I have chosen to use is by a brand called "Kid Safe" you can find it on amazon. I love the scent "Calming the Child"  DIRECT LINK HERE

I never really understood essential oils, past the point of diffusing them. But one of my favorite things to help me after a long day of chasing after an extremely active toddler is to use peppermint essential oil and a carrier oil. 

Carrier oils are necessary since it helps you use less of the essential oil. And, essential oil should not be directly applied to the skin without something to dilute it. 

So, of course I found an organic carrier oil set on amazon, my go-to place for everything. The one I selected contains: Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Tamanu Oil and Argan Oil.

This set could not be more perfect! And if you didn't know tamanu oil is AMAZING to help with the appearance of stretch marks. I am lucky I didn't get a ton of stretch marks during pregnancy. 

My 118 pound frame was 185 pounds before I delivered my daughter. So, think of all of that STRETCH. Of course, I have a few, but they just make me realize I was blessed to carry my daughter in my belly!

 But, there are days where I just want them to look less obvious and this oil has help fade them. I have been putting it on every night and so far, so good! I will update you via twitter on the super long term use of it. 

The carrier oil can be found HERE  

It is by Gio's Naturals. I LOVE IT!  


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