Sunday, February 21, 2016

Should You Be Filtering Your Shower Water?


I have longed for a very long time to have total home reverse osmosis done to my house. However, I don't know exactly where I want to settle down and live yet. So, it is not realistic to do it in the house I live in now, as the price is rather costly.

I have been looking into shower filters ever since I gave my daughter her first bath. I think its important to filter out some of the toxins that are in our water. Plus, the chlorine that is pumped into our water is very drying. While it is obviously a blessing to have clean water, it is necessary to take out some of the yuckies, still.

After looking into several that were priced between $40-$300. I landed on the SmartShowerFilter. It actually happened to be the cheapest one and so far, I actually LOVE it.

These are some of the stats that the Smart Shower Filter boasts:

Water purifying shower head for skin care and hair. Now with a high pressure 30% water saving natural ionic filter and 3 settings - SmartShowerFilter

  • OIL-FREE SKIN - Bioactive stones help restore balance in oil glands

    ULTRA PURIFIED WATER - Enjoy a CHLORINE FREE shower which prevents premature ageing. Especially good for soothing eczema

    SAVE WATER but still maintain high pressure using Innovative laser perforated technology. Flow rate of 1.74 - 1.82Gpm at 0.25Mpa
DURABLE shower head is long lasting and great for the whole family. Suitable for children and pets.

WATER SAVING FEATURE, Micro Nozzle mechanism saves water by as much as 30%. Strong Stainless Steel Head Panel. Shower head has tiny water holes and special structure to reach water-saving effect. Laser Perforated Technology Feature with a Flow Rate of 6.7-6.8L/minute at 0.25Mpa

EASY INSTALLATION. Connect to any standard hose in seconds ( Hose not Included )

One thing to note, is that the hose is indeed not included so, if you have just a standard shower head on the wall you are going to need to purchase a hose. That wasn't an issue for me. But, just a caution in case you do not have one.

I will say, my skin and hair have changed a lot since using this and I am really happy I purchased it. Although, my long term goal is going to be to have full house reverse osmosis done. I am extremely satisfied with this for now! 

You can get it HERE

It is literally under $17 and makes a huge difference! Try it, you will not be let down!!


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