Monday, February 1, 2016

Spring Dreaming - White Makeup Brushes With Rose Gold Trim


The weather in New York where I am for a bit with my family has me dreaming of Spring. And, dreaming of sidewalks with no snow!

 But, I am preparing for Spring and for my return back home to Florida. I found these GORGEOUS synthetic makeup brushes with beautiful Rose Gold trim. They are my first Spring like purchase.

I used them about 5 times for makeup application and there has been no shedding. Shedding is sometimes an issue with some synthetic makeup brushes. But, I really want to try to stay away from natural brushes. I own a few. But, from now on I am going with synthetic.

These have the right amount of glamour to make me feel great while putting on makeup? Does anyone else think like this? LOL

I LOVE the quality and have already washed them and there was barely any loss of bristles. They are no name and I have come to the conclusion that it really does not make any difference. The rose gold trim sold me on these and they have proved to be awesome!!

Go get yourself some -- HERE


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