Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Vegetarian Friendly Baked Eggs In a Muffin Tin Recipe

In an effort to eat a healthy breakfast in the mornings. I have done breakfast prep. With my daughter being extremely active in the mornings it was nearly impossible to make a good decision on what to eat for breakfast. Most of the time I was reaching for the nearest thing, which usually ended up being cookies or a muffin. No nutrition and tons of calories. NO BUENO!

Solution: Eggs in a muffin tin!

Here is what I used and I eyeball everything. I am Italian, this is how my mom cooks and her mom cooks and how my dad cooks and so on. So, if something looked like it needed a bit more, I added it. Here is a guideline, I don't love the term recipe lol


Butter to grease the pan (I love Kerrygold)

7 eggs scrambled with a dash of Himalayan Pink Salt & a dash of white or black pepper

Vegetables of your choosing (I used 1/2 zucchini and chopped up a quarter of an onion)

Splash of Rice Milk (you can use dairy milk, almond milk etc.)

Horizon Organic Mozzarella Cheese

Optional Meat substitute or BACON or HAM or whatever you like I used Lightlife Meatless Smart Bacon (2 Strips)


- Preheat oven to 400 degrees

- Grease muffin tin pan liberally with butter 

- Grab measuring cup crack 7 Eggs into it

- Add a splash of rice milk

- Whisk eggs until they are well mixed and look "fluffy"

- Add ingredients directly to your measuring cup -  vegetables, meat substitute, cheese, salt, pepper

- Give it a good stir

- Pour directly from measuring cup into the muffin tins

- Place in oven and check after 15 mins. Continue checking every 5 minutes until the eggs puff up and you can see that they are cooked throughout. Mine took 20 minutes.

This was my first time making this so it does not look pretty. But I ate two with one half of an English muffin and I had a balanced breakfast. Once they cooled, I placed them in a ziplock and enjoyed the rest for the next few days, in the morning.

Let me know if you make this!

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