Tuesday, March 1, 2016

You Will Always Be My Baby

Every mom makes a promise to their child.

I have made SEVERAL. The most important thing I hold close to my heart, is the promise that my daughter, no matter how old she is, will ALWAYS be my baby!

It is so important to "baby' your baby. As Juliana grows and becomes more independent, I miss each and every stage. Life is chaotic. Motherhood is overwhelming. You're tired, you have laundry to do, dishes to clean. You need to fit a shower into your day (not always,lol)

But, I promise my daughter that, I will never lose sight of the fact that she is and will always be MY BABY.

Hubby & I reading to her

When kids get older, I think they still need to know that they're your baby and they can come to you for anything.

 The other day I just broke down crying when my daughter was playing independently and she grabbed a book and sat in the corner with it and was turning the pages. I always take her aside and read with her in that corner. And, she must really enjoy it because when she thought I wasn't looking, she grabbed a book and went to the corner to read it. I stopped everything and broke down.

Showing her pictures of her from different stages!

It is so important for her to feel my constant love. And, she loves reading time. So, it truly filled my heart with joy to see her go do our activity. But, it made me realize how time is just FLYING by.

She will only be this little once and I promise that no matter how old she is, she will truly always be my baby! I promise every day to be the best mom I can be to her because I prayed for her before I had her and I am lucky to have her and never take a second of it for granted!

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  1. I love this! Yes, she will always be your baby and that is part of my promise too, that I will always make time to focus on my sweet little boy.