Monday, August 8, 2016

Fiber One Deliciousness!

I am always on a quest to be and stay healthy. With a baby in tow, I have to do most of my eating on the go. Usually, that means snack bars and trail mix is on the agenda for me! 

 I recently found at my local Costco, some delicious fiber one bars. They're great because they do not have any artificial colors or flavors and now they're 25% less fat than they once were! 

My favorite is the lemon flavor. I love lemon ices, so sometimes for a treat, I throw it in the freezer quickly (just to get a cold sensation) and use it as my "treat" when I am winding down with my daughter, after dinner! 

They also have a fiber one oats and chocolate bar, which I use sometimes in the morning when I have to rush out the door as a breakfast replacement. Or a "hold me over" bar. They're filling and satisfying and not as fattening as a typical meal replacement bar. Which is great! 

I always get my fiber one bars at Costco because they always have the widest variety of different flavors and it just makes it easier to stock up on them, Costco is so convenient for that reason! And, they have HEALTHY food options which makes meal planning and snacking, easier!

While you're here, head over to a great pinterest board with ideas for on the go snacking HERE 

Next time you're in Costco, grab a box and thank me later!