Monday, September 19, 2016

Lara Bar Nut Butter

I love reporting to you guys when I find something I truly love. And, one thing I truly LOVE is SNACKS!

I recently stopped by costco and saw a new item from Lara Brand. If you eat LaraBar bars, you definitely want to read on. Oh, and if you love delicious chocolate goodness, definitely keep reading!

I picked up Lara Cashew and Almond Butter in the flavor "Chocolate Coconut". It reminds me of a familiar delicious hazelnut spread. Except this is loaded with nutrition and is my favorite thing NON-GMO. That means no genetically modified organisms are in this delicious snack! So, it is definitely a snack you can enjoy without feeling guilty!

I am going to throw it in my smoothie tomorrow! 

The consistency is like chunky peanut butter. But, the taste is SERIOUSLY like an explosion of deliciousness in your mouth. The chocolate coconut mixture is DELICIOUS!

They also have Banana Nut flavor, which I haven't tried. But, on my next Costco trip, I will be picking it up!


I have been having it as a mid-day snack on toast, with a cup of chamomile tea and it is a total mom pick me up!!!

Let me know your thoughts ladies and gents! It is seriously DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS!